Neo Sports bleeding toe cricket ad

Neo Sports, a cricket channel too famous for glamorizing violence in its cricket ads was airing the crushed toe ads for the India vs Australia 2008 October/November Test series.

Neo Sports ad

Neo Sports ad

This ad is gross and negetive at so many levels:

  • An injured, bleeding toe is not a very pleasant sight. At best it will give you some nightmares. So most people, after seeing this ad for the first time, will try to throw this image out of their minds and next time onwards avoid looking at this ad, which defeats the whole purpose of advertising.
  • Now coming to the caption, Neo Sports does admit that last year Aussies not only bashed us in the game, they literally ‘beat us to ground’. Not a very sweet memory to bring back to the average Indian cricket fan, for whom this ad is made.
  • Finally the last portion says: “It’s time to return the favour”. So what the ad assumes and spreads is, “Cricket is a game much like kick-boxing where the victory or superiority is not decided by the number of runs or wickets, but by the number of injured legs, fractured hands and broken skulls”. Obviously, gone are the days when cricket was called a “gentleman’s game”!

Nimbus Communications, the company behind Neo Sports, should have considered these points when approving this ad, but looking at the past record of Nimbus, when they released similar negative ads for India-West Indies and India-Sri Lanka series, it appears that they are consciously doing it.


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