Path to PMP – Part 1: The Process

So, you’ve made up your mind for the PMP exam but are a little confused about how the process goes and where to start? Well, the steps below outline the entire process and are arranged in way to optimize your time in most effective way:


  1. Create a login on PMI website, it’s free.
  2. Review the Eligibility requirements and candidate policies/procedures in the PMP Handbook, available under your login as a free PDF.
  3. Become a member after paying the fee, if you desire. This step is optional, however. The major membership benefit is that you get the soft copy of the PMBOK guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge) for free. Otherwise you can purchase the hard copy from amazonWalmart or many other places. Make sure you buy the latest Edition.
  4. Get your study material and start reading. Refer to Part 2 of this series for more details.
  5. After you’ve studied for at least a month, enroll for the 35 contact hours of formal education, mandatory for the certification. I did it from Promantia which was very good, but you can do it from any other registered education provider.
  6. Attend the classes, which usually happen over two consecutive weekends (4 days in total). The reason you should do this after studying for at least a month is that then the classes would make more sense.
  7. After completing the classes, go back to the PMI website and fill out the application form. The form is lengthy and easily takes 1 full day for filling properly. You will get an application receipt email from PMI and then PMI will take about a week to review your application.
  8. PMI randomly selects about 10% of applications for audit. If your application goes for audit, you’ll get an email to submit the audit related documents for verification.
  9. After about a week (or after PMI has verified your audit related documents), you’ll get an email that your application is accepted.
  10. Make the payment for the exam fee. You’ll need a credit card for this (domestic or international), PMI does not allow any other payment method. If you do not have a credit card, ask a friend to make payment on your behalf.
  11. After your payment is received by PMI, you can schedule the exam by going to the Prometric website and picking the date/slot of your choice. If you are in Bangalore, please note that there is only 1 test center in Bangalore (in Domlur). So in all likelihood, you’ll get an available slot only after a month. Alternatively, you can schedule it in Chennai or Hyderabad, if you want an earlier date. You have 1 year from the payment date to appear for the exam.
  12. Keep studying. You would need at least 2-3 months of study before taking the exam. So plan the process outlined above keeping this in mind.

I hope this helps. All The Best!

NextPath to PMP – Part 2: Books and Resources


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