Path to PMP – Part 2: Books and Resources

Given below is a brief description of the books and other resources most of the PMP aspirants refer to:


PMBOK, 5th edition: This is the official book from PMI itself and is considered the bible for the exam. The language is a little heavy and it is written more like a reference book than an easy read, but still you will have to read this, end to end (preferably twice 🙂 ).

PMP Exam Prep, by Rita Mulcahy: This is the most trusted and most widely used book by PMP aspirants around the world. The language is easy to understand, though some people find it a bit dry. The questions at the end of every chapter are excellent. B.t.w., her name is pronounced mul-ke-hee, not mula-chee 🙂

The PMP Exam, by Andy Crowe: This book is structured exactly like PMBOK, but in an easy to understand language. If PMBOK feels too heavy, this book can be used in combination with PMBOK.

Head First PMP: This book is written in a very casual and fun tone and would be a good starting point if you find the other books boring. But studying this is optional and studying only this is simply not enough. You will eventually have to go back to other books mentioned above.

In my opinion, you should start the preparation with Head First, but don’t spend more than 10 days on this. Just get an overview of the different areas and then move on to PMBOK along with either Rita’s or Andy Crowe’s book.

Other Resources:

  • The links for free Practice Exams:

To me, the paper from looked very close to the actual exam in terms of difficulty level. If you score more than 75%, you are good to go 🙂

  • Sample Questions (Subscribe and it will send 15 questions every day to your email-id)

  • For the numericals, try the questions on the following link. Please note that these questions are a lot tougher than actual exam questions. So if you cannot solve these, don’t be disheartened. But if you can solve these, the questions in actual exam will be a piece of cake:

  • Please go through the EAC explanation from DeepFriedBrain. There are many other concepts beautifully explained on this site.
  • PMZilla ( is a good forum to discuss things with other aspirants, get tips from those who have cleared and has some good tools/memory aids.


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